Traditional Remodels


This journal entry is a repost of the original December 1, 2011 entry.


I have always liked doing remodels.  Two of the biggest reasons for this are 1) they often lead to solutions we might not have imagined if working with a clean slate and 2) when historical accuracy is called for they encourage a scrutiny of “the old ways” that is often both delightful and interesting.   Some examples of scrutinizing “the old ways” include:


Cedar Mansion/Sonoma:  This B&B had a number of great details that needed to be respected – some requiring improved technical proficiency.


Brunsell/San Francisco:  This Victorian got a new face lift on the front as well as a new kitchen on the rear.


Larkin/St. Helena:  Already on the Historical Registry this remodel was completed with care and thoughtfulness for a very discerning client.


Old Milano Hotel/Gualala:  With historical accuracy we refurbished the old building and got it listed on the Historical Registry.


Bowman/Gualala:  Because there was no entry area into the house we created a symbolic entry out of a new front deck and trellis.


Himot/Tallahassee:  Awkward corners in the existing construction led to these zany bookshelves.


Barr/San Francisco: This Victorian suffered from lack of light so we added a glass roofed kitchen on the north side.


HowGuinnLand/Sebastopol: The existing house was so uncomely we just built a mask to hide its front facade.