So I Have Been Doing Some Drawings

October 1, 2019|

This Journal entry is a repost of the original April 30, 2011 entry.

My interest in art began in college where I majored in architecture and  Rico Lebrun and Jerald Silva are two of the artists I have continued to admire since those days.  Although I have done a little drawing and painting over the years it is only recently that I have begun to draw in earnest.  I find that my technical proficiency is not on par with my compositional visions so this disparity is something I am consciously attending to. I am primarily working on three different theme sets of drawings: old architectural elements, organic imagery, and multiple human figures I’ll post examples from each set separately starting with the architectural elements this time. These weather-worn artifacts are often wonderfully formed and marked by the stories of their history. It is this characteristic that I pursue in drawing them.

Giant Ventilator

Old Sliding Doors

Derelict Kiln

Patched Up Opening

Broken Window


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