Biomorphic Images

November 1, 2019|


This Journal entry is a repost of the original May 31, 2011 entry.


Of my drawings the most successful and of greatest interest to me are the series of abstract biomorphic images.  The following narrative and selected drawings are a good introduction to this segment of my work.

My life as an architect has clearly affected the way I view the world – and the art work I respond to.  I’m sure it is no accident that my drawings strive to evoke a sense of space as well as form.  Not just the positive and negative composition space on paper, but space imagined by the mind’s eye as well. I’ve always been more interested in the unknown than that with which I am already familiar.  Accordingly, the compositions are suggestive and/or intriguing rather than literal and/or appealing to our sense of traditional beauty.

Having always been drawn to nature I find that organic imagery comes quite readily to me.  Each drawing begins with a thumbnail sketch which is enlarged and loosely transferred onto the final drawing surface.  The drawing tends to evolve from there with technique playing an active roll in the process – I want the technique to be an expressive aspect. Hopefully the finished drawing is a balance of order and chaos, a combination of the familiar and unfamiliar and, most importantly, a work that resonates with the beholder.









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