The Sea Ranch, California

Originally we designed a modest 870 SF vacation rental house, oriented across a coastal meadow towards famed Black Point and carefully set adjacent to both a young pine and an aging Monterey cypress hedgerow. A dozen years later new owners engaged us to add a bedroom, bathroom, and living room as well as to upgrade the interior.

The difficult problem of nearly doubling the size (700 SF addition) without overpowering the original nearly symmetrical, iconic form (some people affectionately called it “Temple House”) led to treating the addition as a large but subservient lean-to which is held back from the “Temple” façade and its roof is attached below the existing eave line.

A new truss supported opening expands the living space and a new wall of 2×10 exposed framing dyed red creates feature shelves and display niches. The framing is backed with Wonderboard helping it unify with a new concrete fireplace, formed from repurposed pieces of the original bevel siding. A skylit entry with interior clerestories brings light into the new bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

The original entry columns are reused, set up on plinths in order to fit new height requirements, and the original weathered entry door is faced with sheet metal and reused. The bedroom and bathroom repeat the use of dyed wood and the lavatory counter, along with the fireplace hearth, is black concrete with sprinkled accents of broken firebrick.