How Awful


My earliest political thoughts began with a high school writing assignment to argue in favor of one of the presidential candidates of the day, John Kennedy or Richard Nixon.  I remember that choosing which candidate I most identified with was not an easy task and there were enough pros and cons to the issues that my 17-year-old brain was stressed to its limit.

Over the years I have tended to be non-political, although I have always favored individualism, disliked labeling people and things, and felt uncomfortable with clubs, unions and government.  In this day and age there are enough issues of enough consequence that I can’t help but take a political stance. But it seems all but pointless to worry about even the most serious of issues when our basic domestic safety is being compromised.  Safety has to be government’s first priority and I associate the present breakdown of law and order with the Democratic Party. Whether it’s radical mobs tearing down statues, looting, arson, public disturbance, or disrespecting the police, their willingness to look the other way, to allow their cities to degenerate, and to refuse to bluntly stop any and all anarchy now has me dead set against them.

From any view point, how awful.