healdsburg, ca

This 2831 SF house sits at the edge of a small clearing on 10 acres of northerly sloping conifer and hardwood forest above Dry Creek Valley. Winter sun angles influenced the placement and form of the house with its main spaces facing northerly views while capturing filtered sun light through southerly clerestories. The clerestories are above a full length feature-wall incorporating pantry and storage areas, window seat, cantilevered shelving, and art display. The primary structural system is painted steel wide flanges with Douglas fir ceiling beams and structural decking to insure against major damage from falling trees and widow makers. Three terraces extend living space to the exterior and the wide flanges easily allow for cantilevered roofs with openings to visually connect with the sky and forest canopy above. The entry is a stand-alone concrete object set in contrast against the backdrop of sheet metal roof and wall.